HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL! I hope everyone has had a wonderful & blessed week!  I hope you all get some rest & relaxation this weekend, but of course we wouldn't mind you stopping in to see us on Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. We will be here with our boots on, ready to fix you right up.  When you do drop in, make sure to give us your feedback in our COMMENT BOX.  Speaking of, I have had the questions & comments of "Why do you want our feedback?"  or "Oh, that should be interesting!"  & that's why I want to elaborate.

Lots of exciting things are to come around here at J.R.'s, but we want to make sure we give YOU, the customer, exactly what you want.  Now, let's remember that we can't always have every single thing that everyone wants, but we always do our best to get it for you even if it means you have to wait a week or two. After all, it is because of you that our business is possible & for that we THANK YOU very much!!  But, if you would like to see something on our shelves that we don't have, then we want to know.  It may be that you would like for us to carry Ariat boots, or you think we need a bigger selection of tack.  Whatever it may be, we want your honest opinion. Now, even though we like doing business face to face, there are still some of you that like to do things online more.  With that being said, I don't want you to be left out from giving your feedback.  You can always comment on this blog post, send us a Facebook or Instagram message, or e-mail me @  If you do decide to give us your feedback, if you will provide me with your e-mail address & phone number, then I will put your name in a drawing to WIN a $25 GIFT CARD!  I will randomly draw for winners over the next couple of months. 

Once again, I thank you for your business!  Each & everyone of you continue to be a blessing to us here at J.R.'s.  Happy Trails!




Happy Saturday to all of you!  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far!  Today, as Leah & Corey are out of town celebrating their anniversary, I sit here enjoying the opening/closing of the door & customers shopping & I can't help but be thankful!  The last 6 years that I have been here, working side by side with my sister, I have met so many new & wonderful customers that have turned into friends! This literally is home for us both. 

There have been lots of little changes here & there since J.R. has retired, but we put a lot of time & thought into every single detail.  More than anything we want to stay true to who we really are, & with that comes another change.  While we have grown tremendously the last couple of years, we are thankful, but we are also exhausted.  It takes a lot of time & work behind the scenes that most don't see.  As you all know, we both have families & we want more than anything to spend as much time with them as we can, especially our 2 young boys.  They need their mommies & we need them as well!  With that being said, we decided to change our hours of operation up a bit.  This has been a thought that we have had for quite sometime now & it was not an easy decision, I can promise you!  While change is hard, it was much needed.  These past few Mondays, we have loved every minute spent with our boys!!  Saturdays are a change, too.  While being open until 5:30 has it's perks, closing at 2:00 allows Leah & our employees to do things they love, such as rodeo.  Rodeo is something that we obviously strongly support & they need the time to practice & compete, so that they can have the knowledge & experience to provide our customers with.  I know that this is a huge change for  you, our customers, but I want to thank each & everyone of you for being supportive of this decision!! 

Along with the change in hours, we are also going to focus on our tack area a lot more.  We have added in a few companies such as, Lyles Ropes & Strings, Bang It or Dang It socks, & Iconoblast boots.  We are adding in more variety of things we were already carrying as well. Stop by & check out all of the lastest things if you haven't already.

 Last, but not least.. we have added to our team!  Zach Oliver joined us last month & we couldn't be happier to have him here with us!  He brings a lot of experience & knowledge to the store when it comes to tack & leather work.  We actually grew up beside him as kids, living not even a mile from each other.  Leah & him used to rope together in high school rodeo back in the day.  Steer wrestling is his passion & he is very active in the Arkansas Rodeo Association.  He is owner of Zach Oliver Leatherworks, & offers that service here through the store.  He is here every time the doors are open, so drop in & meet him when you get a chance!

I thank you for your continued business, support, & for taking the time to read about our changes.  Life can knock you down sometimes, but that just means you are in the perfect position to pray!  Have a blessed weekend my friends!




& just like that another Thanksgiving has come & gone.  We are so thankful for customers like YOU for making Black Friday & Small Business Saturday a success.  Don't forget that we are working on getting our items online to make shopping more of a convenience for you.  To thank you for visiting our website & reading our blogs, we are going to give the first customer 40% off any one item, just enter code #THANKFUL.  Enjoy & once again, THANK YOU!  We hope all of you have a happy & blessed week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday to all!  We wish a happy & blessed Thankgiving to each & everyone of you!

We are so thankful for each & everyone of our customers!  We are constantly looking for ways to offer more to you & our continuous growth has got us busting out the seems of this old building.  We have a ton of history in this place (see our About Us page for our story) & building a new, bigger building doesn't keep us in our roots.  We have been working day in & day out to bring our exciting news to you!  With that being said, we have opened our online store!!  At this time, items in store are only available for purchase in store & items online are only available for purchase online.  Online items have the option of in store pickup to save you on shipping.  We are so excited about this step in our business & if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!



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