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A Reflection on Veteran’s Day



Last night, as I was sitting watching the kids play in my moms living room, I looked up at the picture of my grandpa in his uniform and it totally warmed my heart. As we reflect on Veteran’s Day, let us remember to be thankful for those who have served and are serving to protect our freedoms in this great country we live in! I realize the hardships and struggle for those who leave their family, train, hurt, and some that never come home. They did this completely un-selfishly to protect me and you - To give us the choice and opportunity to go by Starbucks on the way home for that expensive latte, or to take care of our children at home, or even to run a little family owned retail store.  If America wasn’t kept free we would not enioy any of these opportunities we are given daily.   

So next time you see a veteran, stop and say THANK YOU! Thank you for your service.

May you’re days be blessed! 

John 3:16

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