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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving for many is filled with turkey, dressing, and traditions. One tradition my family has is to spend time together playing games and eating too much junk food. A few years back we started a 'blessing jar', with hopes to teach our children about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. I wrote mine down and got up to do the dishes (I don't get asked to cook?...), I was reminded of the bible verse, 'Give thanks for everything to God' Ephesians 5:20. God has given His amazing grace and love, and that is the true blessing that has really been on my mind. I mess up on a daily basis, and I'm sure I always will, but His grace covers it all. I'm so thankful that He doesn't give me what I truly deserve... Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for lots of little things, but His Grace has really been all I can think about. Wherever you're at in life, call out to Him and hold to His love and grace. My prayer for whoever is reading this is that you may know the true Blessing of Christ. God Bless to you All, & may you not waste any of that turkey!

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