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Terms & Rental Agreement




Rental Agreement  Terms & Conditions

  • Customers will be asked to sign a copy of this agreement at the time of rental, and will be provided a copy upon request.
  • Deposit/Credit Card on File:
    • A deposit of half down is required when placing your order. The deposit is applied towards your balance, and is not refundable. Orders are not considered committed until the customer is measured and at least half down is paid.
    • We do require a credit card to be left on file, in case of any missing or damaged items. All information is kept in a secure way that meets all requirements for PCI compliance, and is only stored for an amount of time required to make sure items are returned.
  • Late Return Fee: $10 per day.
    • Late fee will accrue daily and charged weekly, until the late garments are received, up to the full replacement cost of the garment. If a garment is returned more than 21 days late, customer will be charged for full replacement cost. If any items are missing I understand I will be charged full replacement cost for missing item(s). For a full list of items please see Replacement Costs at www.jrshobbyhorse.com/tuxedoreplacementcosts.
  • Change Order Fee: If any changes are made to this order within 2 weeks of the event date, there is a $20 change order fee.
  • Delivery Charges:
    • Ordered same week of event: $10 delivery fee
    • Ordered day before event: $30 overnight delivery fee
    • Ordered day of event: $50 same day delivery fee
  • Cancellation Fee/No Shows:
    • $20 cancellation fee applies if cancelled at least 14 days prior to event.
    • Orders cancelled within 7-14 days of the event may receive a half refund of the total order cost.
    • Orders cancelled within 7 days of the event will not receive a refund. Customer understands if cancelled within 7 days of event, they will forfeit any refund of money paid on the tuxedo rental.
  • Lost/Damaged Items:
    • If we determine that a rental is damaged beyond repair, or your rental is returned with missing or lost items you will be charged full replacement cost for missing or damaged item(s). For a full list of items please see Replacement Costs at www.jrshobbyhorse.com/tuxedoreplacement costs.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time throughout the year. Changes will be made in the tuxedo rental catalogs only. You may check the tuxedo counter for any changes or updates. 



"Best tuxedo rental experience ever. Perfect fit!"  ~ Clayton R.